About us

Visum Energy Ltd. was founded in 2019. We are flexible and modern organization that ensures that our engineers complete all contracts highly professionally, on time and to the contracted level of quality. We provide a complete set of engineering services in the energy sector and for mechanical constructions manufacturers. We pride ourselves on our engineering excellence in delivering innovative and functional design solutions. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers provide optimal solution in terms of solve design and operational tasks, examination, installation and maintenances of equipment for power plants, heavy machinery and other industries. Taking into account the requirements of the customer, our employees will organize services in order to maintain flexibility and adapt to any other request. Visum Energy Ltd. is committed to serving its customers with high-quality services and pursuing full customer satisfaction.




What we can offer?

Quality assurance and technical advices

  • Quality assurance, consulting and mechanical and electrical engineering.
  • Assessment of contract documentation & design reviews.
  • Technical representation at meetings with client.
  • Technical assessment of contractors (Audit)
  • Writing mechanical procedures.
  • Coordination and control of mechanical and electrical related operations.
  • Reverse engineering

Mechanical calculation

  • Static calculation of construction
  • Dynamic calculation of construction
  • Stress and deformation analysis
  • Fracture mechanics analysis
  • Life cycle assessment of mechanical construction.

NDT testing

  • Visual testing,
  • Penetrant testing,
  • Magnetic particle testing,
  • Ultrasonic testing (Phased Array, TOFD),
  • Leak testing,
  • Thickness measurement (wall thickness, coating thickness).

Material properties

  • Material chemical composition tested with PMI,
  • Sampling and analysis of chemical composition in the laboratory,
  • Analysis of micro-structures of materials,
  • Analysis of macro-structures of materials,
  • Hardness testing.

Forensic analysis on pre-catastrophic or catastrophic condition of mechanical and electrical components.

Assembly and dismantling works in power plants, process and oil industry.

Production of metal constructions.